AKTEK helps both public and private organizations manage their operations in fragile environments with better information. Its technology engines help decision-makers organize what they know, what their organization knows and what the world at large knows about their operating context so they can make better decisions and succeed.

AKTEK data scientists and software engineers focus on delivering solutions that preserve institutional memory, enhance information triangulation and facilitate time-sensitive responses to pressing problems. Whether via intelligent stakeholder mapping, deep public perception monitoring, or advanced risk/resilience modelling, AKTEK seeks to combat extremism, terrorism, piracy, epidemics, climate change and natural disasters.


The BCN City and Rights Action Plan aims to transform Barcelona into a global centre of reference in civil and social rights. Thanks to a partnership between Barcelona’s public, private and policy sectors, incentives are being developed in order to attract to Barcelona the world’s leading organisations, foundations, think tanks and professionals working on topics such as human rights, global justice, democracy, freedom, climate emergency, migrations, equity, health, education, natural resources, sustainability or other global issues related to.

The secretariat of the BCN City and Rights Action Plan is hosted by BIPP HUB, that leads and manages the implementation of the plan.


Build Up is a social enterprise that works with civil society in different countries to design innovative practices that help them contribute to peace processes. The Build Up team has more than 10 years of experience in the field of development, peacebuilding, public policy, media and marketing.

Likewise, Build Up combines solid practical knowledge in building peace and civic technologies with academic research. For this reason, Build Up is involved in the identification of standards and methods for the development and use of peacebuilding technologies, and its founders are some of the central voices that have defined the “peacetech” field.


Fundación Avina is a Latin American foundation working towards sustainability through collaborative processes, leading to large-scale positive impact.
Fundación Avina works from the Global South (Latin America and Africa), in line with the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, to advance innovations that promote the care of the planet and the well-being of all people. It promotes collaborative change processes that allow to understand the challenges and offer specific responses to each context, creating systemic and resilient changes.


IFIT is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to helping fragile and conflict-affected states achieve more sustainable transitions out of war or authoritarianism. IFIT’s core work is to provide independent expert analysis and advice on integrated policy solutions for locally-led efforts to break cycles of conflict or repression. IFIT focuses its field work primarily at the national level, engaging directly with senior policymakers and civil society leaders. Through its global work, IFIT fosters the development of an institutional knowledge and body of practice that can help make possible the more evidence-based approaches at prioritisation and integration that global policymakers have long sought.


JustPeace Labs aims to empower local communities to be active participants in creating just peace and sustainable development through the use of technology. JustPeace Labs works with peacebuilders and development specialists to improve access to easy-to-use software; enhance capacity to build customized apps; and ensure an ethical and secure approach to using technology. Striving for long-term solutions to hard problems, JusPeace Labs’ approach aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Natural Strategies is a team of consultants supporting ecosystem & biodiversity conservation all over the world.  It finds solutions to help countries, communities & companies preserve nature & wildlife, mitigate climate change and contribute to sustainable development. This includes providing support to the public and private sectors at various stages of planning and implementation.

Natural Strategies engages agents of land use change and conservation, works with them to systematically address the drivers of environmental degradation and contributes to green economic alternatives. This creates viable pathways for sustainable development that benefit from intact ecosystems.

OBREAL-Global Observatory

OBREAL-Global Observatory promotes dialogue and synergies between governmental, academic and social sectors, taking into account the specificities and heterogeneity of each region around the world; and creates cross-regional and truly global bridges for enhanced development in the higher education and research sectors specifically, via collaborative multi-regional projects.

OBREAL-Global Observatory works in concentric thematic circles to contribute to building global bridges for higher education and research enhancement.


Quo Artis is an international non-profit foundation that seeks to establish connections between art, science and technology through the collaborative work of professionals in these fields. We aim to add value to society and culture by encouraging the creation of interdisciplinary and innovative projects.


RCS Global is a leader in responsible supply chain due diligence for raw materials. In addition to providing downstream due diligence services, RCS Global provides a technology-based communications solution that helps its clients and development partners discover and leverage opportunities in the artisanal and small-scale mining sector. RCS Global helps their clients meet international responsible sourcing expectations and comply with conflict minerals regulations, by delivering upstream and downstream supply chain due diligence through real time risk and impact assessment, monitoring, management, auditing of supply chains, and reporting.


REVOLVE is a communication agency and media group fostering cultures of sustainability. REVOLVE publishes a quarterly international magazine focusing on the themes of water (winter), nature (spring), energy (summer) and mobility (fall). REVOLVE coordinates publications, curates photo exhibitions and organizes forums. REVOLVE also offers graphic design, data visualization, content development, branding and marketing, social media engagement and media relations to maximize outreach and impact reporting for EU projects and other partner campaigns. REVOLVE works with partners to accelerate the energy transformation for a cleaner world.


Verificat is the first independent non-profit fact-checking platform in Catalonia.

Inspired by the International Fact-Checking Network, Verificat fights misinformation with journalism tools, publishing fact-checking pieces on their site and developing education programs in schools all over the region. 


Vivid Economics is a strategic economics consultancy spanning public policy and support for commercial decision making with a broad, international focus. It serves a wide array of local and national governments, multinational companies, international and non-government organizations, private and public financial institutions.



The Climate Infrastructure Partnership (CLIP) is a transformative community of practice that aims to accelerate the transition to sustainable infrastructure in urban and rural areas.

Partnering with the public, private, and voluntary sectors, we promote the enhancement of institutional capacities and investment frameworks, the replication of successful derisking models, and the improvement of corporate responsibility in sustainable infrastructure.

CLIP is being supported by BIPP HUB as an incubation project.


Publishing in English, Spanish and Portuguese, democraciaAbierta is a global digital platform for Latin American voices, debating democracy, mobilization, participation, and human and civil rights across the continent, throughout the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world, and beyond.

Established in January 2015 as one of the five main sections of openDemocracy –the prestigious global media platform covering world affairs, ideas and culture which seeks to challenge power and encourage democratic debate across the world— democraciaAbierta is currently implementing its second start-up phase with a consolidation plan 2016-2018, which includes the deployment of projects, alliances and partnerships  on the ground.

democraciaAbierta is being supported by BIPP HUB as an incubation project.


HEAR is a new organisation dedicated to policy research to promote education for those forced to flee their homes by war, climate change and natural disasters. HEAR aims to harness expertise in universities around the world to create innovative approaches to education. Among the first three projects HEAR working on are:

Portable Qualifications: Refugees often flee without documents that prove past educational attainment. Block chain technology and peer-to-peer certification offer some technological prospects to resolve the issue but the wider legal, political and educational environments need to be considered if any system is to be successful.

The Future of Syrian Education: Syria’s universities are still functioning in government-controlled areas but many academics and students have fled the country or been internal displaced. There is a need to start considering what role education will play in the reconstruction of Syria and what needs to be done to create a successful university system after conflict.

Vocational Education: Many refugees face limited prospects of returning home any time soon. Many well-qualified Syrians have worked in the Gulf States, and there are opportunities for other forms of employment if training can be established.

HEAR is being supported by BIPP HUB as an incubation project.


Needlab is a design research organization aimed at solving sustainability issues for communities using human-centred design strategies. With a team of architects, engineers, designers and artists sharing the belief that design is responsible for making lives better, Needlab focusses on unveiling new ways of creating a dialogue between local materials, social customs, cultural heritage, and the environment. They work for and implement design solutions with communities around the world and reachable to all.

Needlab is being supported by BIPP HUB as an incubation project.

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